MJD Health Medical Clinics

Regular antenatal check-ups with your GP will ensure you and your growing baby are healthy throughout your pregnancy.

It is important to discuss any of your concerns with your GP at Emerald Lakes Medical Clinic to keep an eye on your general health and wellbeing during this special time.

We are happy to perform urine pregnancy tests on the spot if you think you may be pregnant. This test is usually performed a few days after your period was due. If you would like to confirm your suspicions before this time we can also do a blood test.

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, your GP will then discuss the steps necessary to plan your Antenatal and pregnancy care. We will advise and organise appropriate blood and other tests and discuss options with you organise referrals to a public hospital or private obstetrician as required.

Areas that need to be checked at Antenatal visits include:

  • Blood count
  • Blood grouping and Rhesus antibodies (Rh factor)
  • Immunity against infections such as Rubella or Hepatitis that may affect the baby
  • Pelvic size and shape
  • Blood pressure
  • Urine test (for evidence of diabetes or pre-eclampsia)
  • Cervix (pap smear test)
  • Baby’s progress (size of uterus, heartbeat, movements)
  • Mother’s progress

MJD Health Medical Clinics services the whole of the Gold Coast from Beenleigh to Tweed, including local suburbs Maudsland, Upper Coomera, Pacific Pines, Helensvale, Hope Island, Southport, Logan and Nerang.

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