MJD Aesthetics

MJD Aesthetics provides a personal experience when it comes to enhancing your beauty. Now available at Maudsland Medical Centre and Emerald Lakes Medical Clinic!

Cosmetic Nurse Kala
With over 10 years of experience Kala brings a wealth of knowledge from working within medical centres as a registered Nurse.

Dermal fillers from $450 per ML

With the use of dermal fillers, lines are softened and volume to the cheeks and other areas of the face that lose volume with age can be restored. They can also help to lift sagging skin and jowls and restore more youthful curves to the face in away that is subtle and completely natural. The effect should be incremental. We are simply trying to replace some of the tissues that are lost as part of the ageing process.

Lip Enhancement from $450 per ML

The lips also lose volume with ageing. Top lip lines develop and the corners of the lips start to turn down. This can result in an unhappy expression and also to deeper lines travelling down to the jaw line.It is easy to see why we call these marionette lines. Dermal filler in the lips and surrounding tissues, as well as anti-wrinkle injections, can be used to improve these issues. Again, for these to be successful this needs to look completely natural.

It is possible to enhance the lips, especially in younger women, to give a little more volume or definition than we were genetically blessed with. However, to look natural we need to consider the underlying shape of the lips as well as the face as a whole. This is where the person you choose to do the non-invasive cosmetic treatment can be critical to the end result. An eye for facial aesthetics is essential to create a natural looking enhancement.

Anti-wrinkle from $4 per unit

Anti-wrinkle injections are for reducing lines and wrinkles – and can be used across most areas of the face.

The most popular of cosmetic procedures is to reduce the frown lines with muscle relaxing injections.This removes an unintended angry expression, making the face more open and welcoming.

Aspect Dr Peel $99

Treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines and encourage a healthy, more youthful glowing appearance. Age spots, and general pigmentation concerns, as well as acne and large pores, can also be successfully treated with chemical skin peels.

Threading $20

Threading can help you get the perfect shape by creating an arch to suit your face. This is a very ancient technique of hair removal which has its origin from the Indian subcontinent. It involves the use if a pure cotton thread, which is manipulated by twisting the thread and then rolling over areas of unwanted hair to remove it at the follicle level.

Diamond Microdermabrasion $99

Diamond Microdermabrasion is an ABRASIVE procedure that will remove the outer surface of the skin by means of scratching, grating or sanding.

Diamond microdermabrasion treatments are completed by the use of a diamond tipped wand that is then used to “scratch or sand” away the top level of the skin, while the machine’s vacuum system sucks away dirt, debris and dead cells.

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