MJD Health Medical Clinics

All staff at MJD Health are trained in performing cardiac risk assessments including the testing with ECG which occurs on-site and can assist in diagnosing cardiac conditions.

An ECG is a medical test that will show any cardiac abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts. The cardiograph machine displays this data as a trace on a screen or on paper. This data is then interpreted by one of our experienced medical practitioners. ECG’s may be recommended for patients at risk of heart disease due to any of the following conditions:

  • A family history of Heart Disease
  • Smoking
  • Being Overweight
  • Diagnosed with Diabetes, High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure

Some of the various heart problems that can be diagnosed by ECG include:

  • Enlargement of the heart
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Abnormal rhythm (arrhythmia) – rapid, slow or irregular heart beats
  • Damage to the heart – including blocked arteries
  • Poor blood supply to the heart
  • Abnormal position of the heart
  • Heart inflammation – pericarditis or myocarditis
  • Cardiac arrest during emergency room or intensive care monitoring
  • Electrical conduction disturbances
  • Imbalances in the blood chemicals (electrolytes) that control heart activity.

MJD Health Medical Clinics services the whole of the Gold Coast from Beenleigh to Tweed, including local suburbs Maudsland, Upper Coomera, Pacific Pines, Helensvale, Hope Island, Southport, Logan and Nerang.

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